Custom Audio


Avoid the cost of copyrighted pieces or stale canned music with original music, and voice over recordings from RPM Studios for your next production. Our staff of composers, musicians, and engineers can quickly produce the right music to communicate your message.


RPM is a full multi-track recording facility with capabilities and systems to handle the most demanding projects. RPM is a music-friendly facility with creative talent being the emphasis.

  • Selection of quality microphones and pre amps
  • Large tracking room
  • Isolation rooms
  • VO Room
  • Custom headset mix for all musicians
  • Latest in software for audio recording and composing
  • Professional drum kit, several guitars and keyboards
  • Access to nationally acclaimed musicians

The staff at RPM has a wealth of creative and music abilities and also adept at working with artists who demand the best.

RPM is a full digital hard-disk based recording facility with the latest in software for audio and video recording and editing to produce your music into a professional product that grabs the listener's attention.

Enjoy the selection of original recordings and compositions featured here in the links on this page.